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This superb operating table system is the result of systematic improvements. Extreme articulations for perfect and ergonomic access as well as unique x-ray capabilities offer the best support for the patient and the surgical team.

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Alphmaquet 1150

 With an installed base of over 11.000 operating tables, ALPHAMAQUET has proven its reliability and versatility in many s...

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Alphamaxx 1133.12/22

Maximum load capacity and a modular, sliding table top make the ALPHAMAXX extremely versatile.

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Alphastar pro 1132.21/22

The universally suitable mobile operating table with motorised leg plate mounting point is modular, versatile and extrem...

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Alphastar 1132

ALPHASTAR offers maximized performance with 4 versions. The operating table is extremely stable and flexible.

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Betastar 1131.12

The mobile operating table BETASTAR offers many extra features and a large range of positioning possibilities.

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Alphaclassic / Betaclassic 1118

ALPHACLASSIC and BETACLASSIC represent cost effectiveness and unique operational comfort.

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Orthostar ii 1425

ORTHOSTAR provides comprehensive possibilities in orthopaedics and traumatology.

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Deltaclassic 1115

This universal operating table concentrates on essential functionality and offers best value for price.

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