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System One Sleep Therapy Platform

One intelligent solution


System One gets even smarter with advanced intelligence for optimum care and easier patient management. Industry-leading enhancements and innovations help to improve both the patient and provider/clinician experience.

Through advancements in software algorithms and the marriage of proven patient-centric technologies, System One thinks for itself, carefully monitoring patients and recognizing when therapy needs are changing. It then arms providers with the intelligent data needed to make informed patient-care decisions.

Reduced sound levels We’ve enhanced System One to make it one of the quietest devices on the market when it matters most: when patients are breathing on it. But don’t take our word for it: testing by an independent, third-party laboratory shows that the System One REMstar Auto is, on average, 25% quieter than the ResMed S9 AutoSet during simulated breathing conditions.

Quiet Comfort

With the quieter System One, everyone can sleep easier.

Everyone benefits from System One's dramatic noise-reduction enhancements. By making our Flex Family of comfort technologies even quieter, patients and their bed partners get a more restful, comfortable night's sleep and may find it easier to comply with sleep apnea treatment. And providers and clinicians may get fewer callbacks and complaints.

Proven results, supported by testing

Some devices seem to be quiet when turned “on” but not connected to a patient. In contrast, our enhancements to System One make it one of the quietest devices on the market when it matters most: when patients are breathing on it.

This graphic show the results of the noise comparison between the System One REMstar Auto and the ResMed S9 AutoSet devices during lab testing. The difference is clear: System One is quieter. In fact, on average, System One is 25% quieter than the S9 during simulated breathing conditions.

With or without a humidifier, and at varying comfort relief settings, System One outperformed the S9 in an area critical to patient compliance – the ability to operate quietly when in use.

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