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Destktop Spirometer

Introducing a milestone in the desktop spirometry market! 

  • Full Spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV and Bronchial Challenge Test).

  • Colour LCD display with real time graphs.

  • Embedded high speed Thermal Printer.

  • Available with Disposable Pneumotach or Turbine Flowmeter.

  • Advanced software for data management and real time testing on PC.

  • Airways Resistance Rocc (option).

  • Integrated Digital Oximeter (option).

Product Details

Destktop Spirometer Product Features Description
Destktop Spirometer Product Specification Description

PC Based Spirometer

Directly connected to a USB port turns any PC into a spirometer! 

  • Full Spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre-Post).

  • Bronchial Challenge test (Metacholine and bronchial dilator).

  • Automatic diagnosis according to ERS/ATS standards and COPD diagnosis (GOLD).

  • Advanced software, patient database, diagnosis, real-time tests, professional prints, trends.

  • Digital turbine flowmeter validated by LDS Hospital (ATS Standards).

Product Details

PC Based Spirometer Product Features Description
PC Based Spirometer Product Specification Description

Hend-Held Spirometer

Accurate and easy to use hand-held devices for flexible spirometry screening! 

  • Full spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV, Bronchial challenge test).

  • Available with turbine flowmeter or disposable pneumotach.

  • PC software for data management and real time testing.

  • USB connection (PC and external Printer).

  • Integrated Digital Oximeter (option).

Product Details

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Hend-Held Spirometer Product Specification Description

6MWT Spirometer

The first and unique solution combining Spirometry and advanced Six-Minute Walk Test! 

  • Real time testing for the standardized 6MWT (Six-Minute Walk Test).

  • Measurement of minute Ventilation (VE) and Breathing Pattern during walking, Breathing Reserve (BR) with ventilation limitation statement.

  • HR and SpO2 monitoring by Nonin technology.

  • Evaluation of Dynamic Hyperinflation, with the measurement of Inspiratory Capacity.

  • USB connection for external printer and PC software for data management.

Product Details

6MWT Spirometer Product Features Description
6MWT Spirometer Product Specification Description

Spirometry Lab

The ultimate modular solution for bronchial challenge and airways resistance tests! 

  • Three flowmeter configurations available: digital turbine; single use pneumotach Flowsafe; multi-use pneumotach Flowsafe X9.

  • Full Spirometry testing (FVC, SVC and MVV).

  • Integrated dosimeter for accurate and easy bronchial challenge tests (option).

  • Airways resistance (Rocc) and integrated SpO2 monitor (option).

  • Advanced software for real time management of results.

Product Details

Spirometry Lab Product Features Description
Spirometry Lab Product Specification Description