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At less than 5 lb (2.3 kg), FreeStyle by AirSep is the only truly wearable portable oxygen concentrator on the market. It is tailored specifically for those patients who know no boundaries. FreeStyle POCs capture the heart of what it means to live the good life without limitation.

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AirSep's LifeStyle is the most economical and inexpensive portable oxygen concentrator available anywhere. At less than 10 lbs (4.5 kg), this compact and lightweight POC was designed to accommodate the traveling, working, and highly active oxygen patient.

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VisionAire is the lightest and quietest oxygen concentrator on today's market. At just 30 lbs. (13.6 kg), this lightweight, 5 LPM, compact oxygen machine is the most economical and power-efficient choice for in-home oxygen.

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NewLife Intensity 10

NewLife Intensity 10 combines high pressure with high flow to create the premium 10 LPM oxygen concentrator.   It is uniquely designed to meet oxygen patients’ high flow needs while providing the essential outlet pressure to drive special respiratory accessories, including large-volume jet nebulizers.

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NewLife Intensity

NewLife Intensity combines high pressure with high flow to create the most power-efficient 8 liter per minute (LPM) oxygen concentrator, operating at only 410 watts for reduced power consumption.  With an outlet pressure approximately three times higher than most other concentrators.......

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NewLife Elite

NewLife Elite is AirSep Corporation’s most economical line of stationary oxygen concentrators, delivering up to 5 lpm of therapeutic oxygen in home, hospital, and clinical settings. With hundreds of thousands of units in daily use throughout the world, this low power consumption concentrator is known...........

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QuietLife 3

QuietLife 3 is the technologically advanced, low-sound level, low-power-consumption, high-performance oxygen concentrator for home health and clinical settings.

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