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Cardio Aid 200 B

Cardio Aid 200 B - Defibrillator

  • STAR™ biphasic waveform technology
  • Synchronous and asynchronous operating modes
  • Semi-automatic or manual modes
  • Large LCD monitor with backlight
  • Energy selection on the paddle and on the keyboard
  • Short charging time (5 sec)
  • Alarm functions
  • Optional electrodes for internal defibrillation
  • Optional printer, SpO2 and NIBP modules
  • Optional transcutaneous pacemaker

Product Details

Cardio Aid 200 B Product Features Description
Cardio Aid 200 B Product Specification Description

Cardio-Aid® 360B

Cardio-Aid® 360B - Defibrillator

  • 7” color graphic TFT LCD display
  • 360 J energy, STAR™ Biphasic Waveform Technology
  • Built-in standard 12-lead ECG
  • Synchronous or asynchronous mode
  • Semi-automatic (AED) or manual control
  • Operation from paddles
  • Short charging time, typically 2,7 secs to 200 J
  • Alarm functions
  • 3-channel high-resolution recorder
  • Optional transcutaneous pacemaker
  • Optional SpO2, NIBP
  • Optional electrodes for internal defibrillation

Product Details

Cardio-Aid® 360B Product Features Description
Cardio-Aid® 360B Product Specification Description