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Single-channel ECG event recorder built into a wristwatch 
The convenient way of arrhythmia detection miniature, wristwatch-style ECG event recorder activated by simply placing a hand on the face of the watch, solid-state memory storing up to 15 minutes of ECG, flexible programming not limited to a preset recording.

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A miniature and versatile looping ECG event recorder 
Extending cardiac event recording to several days, compact size and versatility, easy patient hook-up with real-time monitoring for best electrode placement, up to 8 minutes pre-event strip length, choice of recording quality and 1 to 5 channels.

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Looping ECG event recorder with Bluetooth 
The convenience of wireless data transmission to compatible devices with Bluetooth, mobile phones with Bluetooth can be used as modems for transmission, compact size and versatility, real-time monitoring for best electrode placement, up to 8 minutes of pre-event strip length.

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