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HAMILTON-C2 (Intelligent Ventilators)

The HAMILTON-C2 is designed to give respiratory support to neonates, infants, paediatrics and adults. Due to its compact design, built-in batteries and an ultra-quiet turbine, this ICU ventilator can accompany your patient everywhere within the hospital, independently of central gas and power supplies and support respiration.

Equipped with the Ventilation Cockpit, the HAMILTON-C2 provides exactly the information you need and helps you focus on what is important.

You can customize the Cockpit to show conventional waveforms, the ASV graphic, the Dynamic Lung or the Vent Status panel or optionally a volumetric capnogramm allowing assessing the efficiency of the ventilation therapy on a breath to breath basis. These Intelligent Panel graphics visualize the patient’s ventilator status and dependency in an easy-to-understand form. In order to provide the best care for the smallest patient nCPAP-PS is optionally available allowing respiratory support over nasal prongs or masks.

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HAMILTON-C2 (Intelligent Ventilators) Product Features Description
HAMILTON-C2 (Intelligent Ventilators) Product Specification Description

Aerogen ® Solo

Product Details

Improving respiratory patient outcomes through more effective inhaled medication delivery.
The Aerogen Solo is particularly planned excess set up during ventilation.8 This shut framework requires negligible administration and can be left inline diminishing staff taking care of and workload.7,10

Aerogen ® Ultra

Product Details

Delivering inhaled medication, faster and more effectively.
For patient's requiring quick and powerful inward breath medicine conveyance during intensifications, the Aerogen Ultra conveys breathed in prescription quicker than conventional techniques, for example, fly nebulization.2,4

Aerogen ® Continuous Nebulization Tube Set

Product Details

For precision control of inhalation me
Enabling you to provide drop by drop precise medication control for continuous nebulization