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Step up to the high standard of anaesthesia workstations and experience new levels of performance, efficiency and safety.
Anaesthesia Workstation:
Anaesthesia plays a pivotal role in the surgical area of the hospital. As an anaesthesia professional you are caught every day between financial and therapeutic challenges. Medicare provides anaesthesia teams with reliable support before, during and after the operation: our complete anaesthesia workstations offering comprehensive patient care are designed to increase efficiency and save time.
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Fabius® Plus

The increasing complexity of the healthcare environment is confronting you with new challenges. For over a century, Medicare has been working closely with customers like you, trying to anticipate your needs while finding solutions that make economical, efficient and effective patient care possible.

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Fabius® MRI

Increase the diagnostic capability of your MRI unit with the help of state-of-the-art ventilation in the Fabius® MRI anaesthesia system specially designed for use in MRI environments.

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D-Vapor® / Vapor 2000

The D-Vapor® offers the established level of dosage performance under all conceivable circumstances.

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Co2 Indicator

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Products / Resuscitation / CO2 Indicators / STAT Check CO2 Indicator
STAT Check CO2 Indicator
• Verifies CO2 exchange during resuscitation
• Helps confirm proper ET tube placement
• Three color scale enables clear visualization of CO2 exchange
• A simple twist removes the cap and immediately activates CO2 detection