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Veinlite® EMS

An affordable pocket Veinlite for general vein access. This device is perfect for finding veins in adults and children. It has 16 dual color LEDs and uses two AA batteries..

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Veinlite® PEDI

Our smallest pocket Veinlite for vein imaging and access in babies, newborns and neonates. An innovative snap-on adapter converts this to a through the body transilluminator for finding veins in neonate limbs. It has 12 dual color LEDs and uses a disposable lithium battery.

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Veinlite LED®

The brightest and best pocket Veinlite for vein access and sclerotherapy. This device has 24 dual colored LEDs and a lithium rechargeable battery. It comes with pediatric adapter and a light shield.

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A bright (150 watts) fiber optic based transilluminator for mapping of varicose veins and vein access. This device comes with either a large ring for adults or small ring for pediatric applications. It is excellent for mapping superficial varicose veins and finding feeder veins for sclerotherapy.

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